Unlock Gems Coins Cheat for Bakery Story Valentine Day on Android

Walkthrough of playing bakery story valentine day game on android device
a. Complete the goals by decorating valentine day on your own cake
You have to design the dreamt bakery based upon your creativity so that you can attract your customers with merry decorations and mouth-watering sweets
After doing your hard work with your cake you can share with your friends

Bakery Story Valentine Day guides

b. How to invite more visitors to your bakery you have just made
You have to try so hard to design and build the perfect and the personalized bakery
Of course making a nice bakery will rely on variety and unlimited creativity of each player
You can decorate your bakery with thousands of items, choose tables, chairs, wallpaper, art, and many more valentine items

Try customizing a menu of delicious treats to any visitor from another neighbor
Do socialization among other bakeries in order to earn some bonus tips from the other players
You can invite Facebook friends to set up shop and share secret recipes each other to have more neighbors and bonus reward

c. Earn more rewards in bakery story valentine`s day game
Try unlocking the bread oven, the new rose oven and the winter oven to bake your cake quickly
You have to make strategies of what dishes you cook, then you make your money in the game and build your experience for more rewards.

Do and complete the objective given to you to have many tables to collect tips then to visit many neighbors and to cook in many kitchen.

Try completing challenges to collect bonus including diamonds and some other items
Sending boxes of chocolates as gifts to your neighbors will also give some bonus as your neighbor will also do the same for you as well.

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