Theatrical Pursuit Tricks in Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Cheat

Citizen in Peril Finder with mode RYD3SJ
In this session you will have to save the guy on the table Ballroom/Left Side in the opening when facing Harley Quinn in the opening area

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Minikits Finder with mode LRJAG8
1. (Free Play) Pull Bat Plane by using Lexs Deconstructor.
2. (Free Play) Climb up the poles on the ballroom right side with Acrobat Suit.
3. (Free Play) In front of the right next to Bat Plane destroy 3 tables closest to stairs you build to get on stage with the Power Suit

Checkpoint Backstage (Riddler area)
1. Enter the castle either by using the door or jumping through the window near the green dragon tail
2. (Free Play) Enter the room with the clothing racks by destroying the gold lock.
3. Remove Bike from shelf by using magnet powers to create a hole in the floor
a. Enter the hole and turn to your left
b. Up the Ladder in the next room Break the glass on the keyboard
c. Joker: Operate console on left in order
Red Green Yellow Blue Green Red Blue
4. (Free Play) By using Lexs Deconstructor in object in front of the castle set you will have Joker operated the revealed console and mounted the horse for a ride.

Checkpoint Lobby (Two-Face area)
1. On the second level You have to jump from pole to pole by using Acrobat Suit till get Right Side near the exit
2. (Free Play) Fly to the balcony on the right. Destroy the object there and build a zip line out of its remains. Ride the zip line across to the opposite balcony.
3. (Free Play) Ground Floor: You have to break and destroy the gold objects inside the glass covered by blue object.

Checkpoint Projection Room (Joker area)
You have to use Batarangs to destroy 3 Green Window Shutters

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