Star Wars Force Collection for Crystals Premium Cards Cheats on Android iPhone

Walkthrough of playing star wars for collection game on ios and android device
a. Collect crystals cash through some random battles in the quests
In this game, you will be assigned to collect cards representing over 200 heroes, each with their own attack, defense, health, and range stats.

star wars force collection rare cards guides

Meanwhile, you will have to upgrade and combine them to create powerful teams using your favorites then involve in the battle with other players for having some rewards
Besides, you must complete simple quests to earn extra cards, extra cash and XP through random battles

Defeating your opponents in battle will earn you blueprint pieces that you can use to get vehicle cards.
Furthermore, completing those quests will allow you to collect either the credits or crystals that can be used to enhance your cards to be the best one.

b. Upgrade and enhance your cards with those crystals
You can set up your armies in a grid by using your own cards that specialize in close, medium, and long range then watch as they fight their opponent’s forces in a mock battle.

Every card such as the one in three stages can only be evolved twice and you can only evolve them with the same exact card.
By doing so, your card will come to the enhancement which allows players to level up your cards using credits or crystals, the premium currency rather than other cards.

Before evolving your cards, consider to enhance them to max as the higher a card’s level during evolution, the larger the base stat increase.
Therefore that your second tier cards could start with an extra thousand or more points and it is before you actually start to level up the evolved card.

In addition, you will be able to enhance your deck a number of ways, boosting cards with more energy and building new vehicles with the help of blueprints through having random battles or challenging friends.

Remember when going to battle with full-on grid battle against a rival, and a boss battle with someone like Boba Fett or Darth Vader, you need to manage your party firstly.

c. Collect rewards and make some crystals credits point
Along the game, you will absolutely need credits or crystals to do some upgrades towards your favorite cards in the deck.
For such reasons, do not store the cards you do not use then you can sell those unwanted cards instead for the credits that you can use to level up the cards you really want to use.

Once having battle with the opponents, always pick up and claim your rewards quickly in which you have to make sure to go to your inbox after claiming your rewards so that you can actually receive them.

d. Manage your cards before going to the battle with the other players
The alignment of your account that is determined through simple binary choices as you quest will give you a description regarding an attack and defense boost to all matching cards in your formation.

At this point, leaders are also important as once having them in your formation will simply grant attack and defense bonuses to all other cards as well, regardless of their alignment.

star wars force collection cash tips

On the other side, crafting the vehicles with blueprints will give you great impact for having victories against other players and helping your weekly ranking as well.
Thus, you can build them for more when really needing them whereby they can even be as powerful as maxed-level rare cards.

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