Star Girl for Unlimited Money Cheats on Android iPhone

Walkthrough of playing star girl game on android device
a. In this game you have to build your career as a superstar while having a ton of fun along the way such as singing, acting or modeling and make sure to strut your stuff in the career of your choice.

b. Working hard and wearing the trendiest outfits are the key to make you on the top, and you might even find yourself on the covers of the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazines

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c. You need to hang out with your friends and go on dates with the hottest guys to find your perfect match in town.
You can even take photos and share them with your Facebook friends as well

d. You can also choose and wear fashionable clothes and accessories to get an update of fashion
e. You have to try getting money and some cool clothing by completing various jobs and challenges
f. Go shopping all the time after getting money from your effort
g. In this game you can have an interactive conversation with the celebrities through Star Chat

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54 thoughts on “Star Girl for Unlimited Money Cheats on Android iPhone

  1. yesh..i need lots of diamond.i can’t afford to buy some neither some diamond cause i’m underage so i don’t have visa..

    1. I love this game so much but in my opinion its a (wasting time machine) but anyways , i discovered a way which make you able to earn alot of money and XP at once (which means alot of jems too) : first you should work for max hours in the 3jobs , second open your smart phone setting and change the date third open again the game you will find your jobs are done collect your salary and have fun ;-) important hints : 1. Make sure the game stays open ((never close it))) 2.if your max hours less than 20 then you should change the time (not) the date because your salary will be expired cause you didnt collect it on time 3. And naturaly this trick you can also use it for the boyfriends gifts if you found this trick useful please like me on the game:-) thnx

      1. Hey barbie,
        I’ve actually done this cheat before but then for some reason it stopped at around level 35. Now i can’t do it anymore!!!! What’s the problem? Lol
        Anyway add me YLF33. Thanks 

  2. Hi guys, i have an iPad 2 and i hacked the game, i got alot of money and diamonds… Like 999999000 each .. But it will start you a new game, and if you close it from multitask it will renew your game and make you lose all the progress.. O finished the game in a day with this money.. But it’s not worth it it’s a nice game.. So my advice is not to hack it :)

  3. I have a helpful hint for stargirl go to some place and after1 or 2 second(s) all the posters have your picture
    If this hint is helpful pls add me my id is MA4AX
    Pls add me thank you

  4. what is star u realy talk to people on star chat.i dont know.add me my id is 726WY PLEASE ADD.GOODBYE.:)

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