Skee Ball Arcade for Tokens Power ups Cheats on Android

Walkthrough of playing skee ball arcade game on ios and android
a. Collect some power ups for free to accomplish every objective in much easier
Getting a few extra power-ups for free in this game is pretty simple as you will simply connect the game to your Facebook account.

skee ball arcade guides

Once connecting this game to facebook, you will be brought to have a handful of Straight Shot and Lane Charger power-ups that will give you a helpful headstart in competitive play.

b. Use power ups to make score and bonus in pinball machine and pinball galaxy
After getting power ups, you can try using the lane bonus multiplayers to determine the shot you should take next.

In line with this, you can go for the 100 shot that lies directly along those paths if a multiplier appears on the left or right-hand outer lanes.

As a result, a little practise and a strong swipe, you will be able to score these shots every time.
So be sure to keep your device as level as possible when going for these shots section.

Pay attention in any special bonuses that a particular target point as a reward in every single shot that you have successfully made.

Moreover, the most valuable of these will give you an extra ball in that you will also need to make sure you hit the target to avoid wasting your current shot
After getting bonuses, you can use them to guide your next shot decision.

c. Roll the ball on the right path to make bonus point for even more
At the end of certain rounds, you will be allowed to roll balls down into a spinning meter whereby it will give you some bonus points.

According to rolling the ball, before starting our throw, you can wait for the 500 to just disappear out of view.
For such reasons, you can manage to hit 500 on the return spin for the majority of these shots.

When playing in the Space Invaders mini-game, you have to act as quick as possible whereby those critters will move around the screen slowly but surely.
At this point, you must concentrate on scoring the highest value enemy over all others, then mop up any remaining points that you can.

In accordance with those points, use your finger to flick the ball across the table.
Anyway, if you flick the ball harder, you will be more powerful to throw the ball for some points.

skee ball arcade tips

In addition, when your ball lands in a hole at the end of the table, you will get the amount of points marked for that hole in that you can try and make your ball jump over the barriers surrounding the holes with higher point values.

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