Ruby Cheats for Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising on iPhone Android

Walkthrough of playing ragnarok online valkyrie uprising game on ios and android device
a. Earn more ruby to buy some items needed in this game
Ruby is the main currency that you can get during going through the guild party
Once collecting enough ruby, you can enter the shop to purchase Pet Egg, materials like Forging Set, equipment and consumables.

b. Some controls option you have to learn before playing this game
When beginning to play this game, you will be guided with a basic control tutorial, rather than a detailed tutorial that may help walk you through level 10 and unlock more services.
For such reason you have to complete the basic controls in order to jump to the main city Lan Forta.
Furthermore, you can go to a new job through the lan Forta Elder at Job Level 35.

To move your character you can use the joystick located at the left bottom of the screen then touch the screen to where you want to go.
To talk to an NPC, you can touch the character or press the T or Target button at the right bottom then touch the NPC Face icon.

ragnarok online valkyrie uprising guides

c. Select your character based on the classes that will be the best for you
Classes of this game are categorized into two tiers and only three major classes that can be unlocked at the beginning
They are such as Swordman – Knight, Mage – Wizard and Acolyte – Priest.

After choosing your character, you can later on join Party or Guild exploring, Pet raising and Weapon forging that can cater to different players.
Meanwhile you will level up your character in guilds, parties, player-versus-player combat, raids and much more.

The combat system in this game will allow you to play through the game solo or play with friends using Auto Party System through massive open fields and instances.
So test yourself against other players in PvP or Player vs Player system.

As a result you will level up your characters and find all new items to decorate and customize your avatar in fun character costumes, mounts, pets and much more

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