Papa Pear Saga for Gold Coins Cheats on Facebook

Walkthrough of playing papa pear saga game on facebook
a. Make some points with the right shot
Tap, drag and move around the ball thrower at the top of the screen in right the position then shoot the ball in the direction of the guide.

papa pear saga high points guides

Collecting extra points in this game is pretty simple as you will simply hit the pins along the way
So try aiming the balls you shoot at the pins scattered throughout the board.

Note that, shooting three balls into the three different buckets at the bottom of the screen will end the level then showing you a results screen consist of the star level for the level, your score, and how you stack up against your Facebook friends if you opted to connect.

b. Shoot the ball carefully to knock down fruits into the buckets
When making some progresses in this game, you have to use the ball wisely as you only have a limited amount of balls you can use to make all of the buckets.

Moreover, you must eliminate one type of pin on the board in order to receive a multiplier to your score. As a result, the multiplier will add to your score automatically, and will stack with other multipliers.

For the next levels, you can choose to use the multiplier in every level you play.
Using some boosters will also give you advantage, in that you just check a boost bar on the screen and select any boosts you have earned while playing.
You can also earn other boosts if the multiplier was earned the same way.

When having a new boost, you will have a small amount of them to use it in future levels.
With those boosters, you can help Papa Pear bounce around a wonderfully wacky world of fruity pegs, acorns and crazy chilies.

papa pear saga scores lives tips

In addition, you will have to light up all the buckets at the bottom of the screen then aim your shoot at that fruit with the balls carefully to make the most of Papa Pear’s boundless energy along the game.

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