New Elite Cards Diamonds Cheats for Injustice Gods Among Us on iPhone

Walkthrough of playing injustice gods among us game on ios iphone ipad and ipod touch
a. Earn more new cards from having your victory in each match
Before going to a battle, you select the three cards including Green Arrow, Deathstroke and Nightwing, with the goal of pitting these iconic characters against a series of opponents.

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Meanwhile supports cards and villain cards will be given to your hero as bonuses.
Mostly support cards only work for Batman as it is listed on the support card itself.
So have a Batman support card, to get the support bonus of all Batman cards.
Note that a few support cards affect all the cards you own in which they are marked as player support cards.

Those Support Cards will imbue these characters with special abilities.
But having them will be difficult like having superman hero will cost 220,000 but you will get it with 7,000 after 45 minutes of playtime.
So play this game regularly and win every fight to collect new card pack as bonus rewards.

In order to get the most powerful card, you can mix and match, upgrade and unlock support cards to gain that all-important edge.

In addition you can promote your cards to elite cards in order to increase a character’s health and damage.
However you need two copies of the same card to do this elite promotion.
To do so you can either purchase another copy of a character in the shop or find one in a booster pack, and then tap on your hero card, then the promote button.
Besides elite versions of characters are significantly more powerful than basic versions.

b. Upgrade and level up your character in the combat
Remember that the characters that are not in use remain at their current levels, so you have to boost Batman’s overall effectiveness by having a fight against opponents as much as possible.
As a result you will get an access to new maneuvers and new skills as well.

Upgrade your character to increase the damage of your special attacks by buying upgrades, or finding one in a booster pack.
Tap on your hero card you want to upgrade and tap on a special attack to upgrade it.
In addition you will also have the whole team to call upon.
But do not use the same one repeatedly instead of mixing it up only.

c. Unlock and activate support enhancements to increase your heroes abilities and power
You can instantly unlock support enhancements with power credits while imbuing characters by selecting abilities with using composition of like +10 percent energy regeneration and +10 percent damage.

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Afterward you can test them in the battle to fight against opponents and get their victory to earn more rewards including diamonds and new cards

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