Money Diamonds Cheat for Hotel Story on iPhone Android

Walkthrough of playing hotel story game on ios iphone and android device
a. How to earn more money coins and diamonds in hotel story game
You can collect the coins from your rooms and amenities
Afterward spend that money back on expansions, upgrades, and decorations to increase the value of your rooms and the guests’ happiness.
By doing so you can get some bonus items to decorate your resort

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Try to hire staff to give guests tours so that they will earn you money and items to create your hotel a little fancier.

Decorate the bedroom such as giving a holding pillow to increase the comfortableness so that it will earn your more coins to collect
Hire some workers to do a lot of jobs as they will earn you coins as your money

b. Create more rooms and amenities to attract cute tourists
Attract more visitors to your hotel resort then connect with thousands of players worldwide while sending tips to them
You have to build your best design of comfortable resort in order to invite 18 unique tourist types with multiple levels of progression

To get your hotel built faster you can play and manage your resort anytime in offline mode without having to connect to the internet.

Build as many bedrooms as possible to attract a record number of guests visit.
You have to wait a while for rooms to finish construction
If you want to get fast building you have to pay for instant completion via hard currency

c. Be the best hotelier among the players around the globe online
Make your own design for your dreamt hotel resort by expanding your resort, upgrade your facilities and some items to equip your design
Expand your creativity in 14 unique facilities with multiple levels of upgrades

d. Do a better service for every visit of your guests
Note that the acquisition of using some items will help you inject a little extra personality into your Hotel Story.
Then you have to find or buy accessories to improve the value of a room or amenities.

Pay attention on your guests as they hand them over for free.
For such reason you need to decide how the item is best put to use.

If you have a bottle of pop, you can “use” it on your vending machines to increase the machines’ value and appeal. It is caused by who the heck likes empty vending machines.
If you get a hold of a pillow, you can use it to increase the appeal, value, and comfort of a bedroom. By doing so you will collect more coin.

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e. Tips to get bonus points by serving guests with some amenities and decorated items in the room
Averagely your guests will be sleeping on cinder blocks until that point.
So you have to do a good job pairing an item and its amenity so that amenity receives a big value bonus for you.
You can try and stuff a pillow in the vending machine to increase value and appeal at best.

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