Minecraft Creative Mode Tutorial and Cheat Collection

How to get the best perspective view of playing minecraft1. Press F5 during playing game in survival mode to get first person toggle view2. Press F5 during game in creative mode to create rain3. Hold F3 during game play to display framerate4. Hold F6 during game play for a while to show current lag5. Hold F1 to have no hand/items and to view the front of your character while in third person (F5) hold F1.How to duplicate item in minecraft 1. Have a nether portal. on both sides of the frame place any block 9 blocks out. Links backlinks blog comments . 2. make sure you have a floor and connect the two sides together. then put 2 buckets of aqua on the inside. 3. put a crafting bench on somewhere get in the running aqua and put the items in the crafting grid.4. once u go through the portal don’t go to heck!5. pick up the items u put in through grid. 6. another 1 will appear. that 2nd 1 when right-clicked will create infinite of that block Creating infinity doors in minecraft creative mode1. Put and place wood or iron door between the grown two cacti to at least two blocks high. 2. Thus It will drop another door for you to pick up.To make an effective start push 1. Learn firstly how to dupe Rhinomeat’s dupe glitch 2. Get toggle to peaceful on the “creative”. 3. Get 19 logs. Put 3 logs into crafting, and make 12 planks, craft 4 to a workbench and while making a chest. 4. Put the chest down and start duping the logs until you get two stacks among 64 of those logs. 5. Create a nice little set of tools, and get some cobblestone, dupe it again and build a nicer little stone house. Now do something better on it, and then you have a shelter.Find gem as diamonds, gold, silver, red dust, coal and oil1. Choose a spot to dig in and face down character there then just hold your click until you get to an underground cave2. Find your rares and look up at the dug tunnel then look down3. Jump and right click ,till reaching the top. In this step turn on peaceful mode while staying alert in order to avoid magma underground and zombies there.4. Put white wood and normal wood in the furnace you get charcoal. By doing so you will get free charcoalIf you dont have a diamond pickaxe and you really want to go to the Nether just follow these simple steps!How to Get Diamond1. stand between two blocks on a flat surface2. dig the one on the left then do the same on the right3. do that repeatedly until you get to bedrock4. collect 64 dirt and sand5. Make a Nether gate out of sand6. Make a mold of dirt7. take out the sand8. Fill mold with lava if you don’t have lava search for caves. They usually have some deep inside them.9. Get a bucket to pour water inside the mold filled with lava.10. Lava will turn in to obsidian.11. Shovel the dirt mold.12. RIGHT-click the obsidian Now sooner or later you will have the NetherNote: Never dig straightly down. To find diamond make stairs going all the way down to bedrock and go back up to layer 16 mark it with a torch and do three more torches down, now mark layer 11 and three torches down, now where the torches arent there ” can” be diamond. Monsters normally spawn at light level 7. To see what layer your’e on click f3 and find y, if your on layer 44 it will be y 44 and lots of other random numbersYou do not need to have a diamond pickaxe to make a nether (hell) portal 1. get around 20 buckets full of lava and 20 full of water.2. put water on the ground, then place lava on top that makes 1 block of obsidian keep doing that untill you make the portal base3. Use and block to stand on so you car actually reach the distance you should place the water on.4. make a flint and steel and right click on the inside of the portal base (flint and steel requires 1 iron ingot and 1 flint)5. pretend the double dots are iron and the single dot is flint you would use your crafting table to craft flint and steel.How to find a cave in minecraft1. Just find a place to start digging about 4 blocks down then go to options and turn on “easy mode”. You will see white numbers or just white spots depending on how far you are from them. These are mobs. It’s like x-ray vision. dig towards the numbers. right before you get to them, go to settings and turn on “peacefull mode”so u are not hurt. dig where the numbers were. bam! instant cavern. bring torches and dont get lost.2. When creepy noise or creepy music come closer you are very near a dungeon now.3. Now a cave will show upDay and night time interval to know how much time you have spent 1. Daytime will last for 10 minutes long during the game.2. Nighttime will last for 7 to 7 and a half minutes long during the gameHow to find Mob Spawners Location1. Place a sand block above you, making it land on your feet, Line up with yourself so you can only JUST see the side of the block of sand, opposite the wall. Then place another block of sand above you, then when you look horizontally, you will see through the sand, and everything in its path, you will be able to locate Mob Spawners this way because it is a Giant Black box with a smaller one in the middle.2. when you think you are near a dungeon using the tip above, or by digging down, start hitting “F” as fast as you can, you will be able to see the flames of the Mob Spawner3. Okay i have gather enough evidence to say with confidence that there is always a mob spawner near i cant tell you where to look but walk around your spawner you may have to put it on easy or normal or something so you can here them the type of spawner is totally random or you could just do Vortexel idea to help you find it i have found every type of spawner Monster spawner that is it really helps hope that helps if you have not read Vortexel idea to look him up he has some good ways to find them.4. Make a ditch about 20 blocks long and 3 blocks wide, and 5 blocks deep. Fill it with water. At the end of the ditch, make a wall of glass. Make stairs down to the ditch so you can see through the glass. Block the stairs with cobblestone. A monster will fall into the water and die and it’s goods will come to you under the glass.Build a monster spawn killer1.dig deep(just deep enough so its under any other ground2.expand it huge(dosnt have 2 be u choose the bigger the more mobs3.dig little canals in 2 blocks wine 2 blocks down4.make sure u have platforms that r big for the mobs 2 spawn on5.make the canals lead somewhere dont need 2 tho Ex.have multiple elevators6.make an elevator dont know how?learn at bottom of hint)7.make air pockets so mobs dont drown8.make it 2 the surface9.put a base around it make sure creepers dont see you10.make glass11.upgrade base 2 glass and watch them drown12.make the base 3 blocks high they wont fit in 1 block high12 layer 1 water flow 2 item collection12 layer 2 signs 2 hold water on top dont know how 2 use signs? look at bottom of cheat12 layer 3 a layer of water 2 drown them 13.make the item passage 1 block wide and 1 block tall (no mobs fit!)14.make sure your on peaceful building it and turn it off when all has been finished15.make sure there is NO lighting underground (mobs spawn in darkness)16.enjoy killing your enemies help:make an elevator:mobs always swing 2 the top of water unless its superpull down.To stop mobs from drowning and not floating up add air pockets with signs…using signs:signs allow mobs 2 pass through but work as a full block for water for using this on the ground use pressure platesIf above did not work try this one1. make 6x6x6 room2.don’t get light in 6x6x6 roomX = room wallO = hole in rolfY = blockYXXXOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXGet Underworld Portal1. Find lava.2. Take water on the lava.3. You will see black stones obsidian.4. Take 14 of them with a diamond pickaxe.5. Then make this square of the black stones obsidian. 6. Right-click with a lighter on two black stones obsidian.7. Then it will be a portal.8. Just step to ahead portal to get in underworldGet Water Supply Infinity1. You’ll need at least two Iron Bucket and the ability to dig into the floor a little. 2. Dig 2 Hole in the ground that is 1 square deep each.3. Fill your two buckets with water from the ocean or a lake. 4. Bring the water back to your base and pour 1 Bucket in each corner of the square each in the ground. 5. If done correctly, you should have a still 2 by 2 pool of water. Every time you take a bucket and use it on any of the squares, the others refill it to fullness.Crafting BonemealHave you ever seen bones on the ground in the morning? This is from the Skeleton mob lighting on fire from daylight and dropping them. These bones are actually quite useful! If you put them on a crafting bench, they can be crafted into “Bonemeal.” Bonemeal is used to insta-grow crops and trees in minecraft to provide quick wood, or quick crops!For sapling1. Place sapling on ground in an open area.2. Use the Bonemeal on the sapling, and watch it grow into a tree!For Crops1. Use the Bonemeal on soil that has wheat or another crop growing in it and watch it sprout instantly!Bonemeal can also be used on a gray sheep to color it white!Fishing Rods1. kill a spider and get its string and do this until you get 6 pieces2. make 2 fishing rods 3. use ONE until it gets about half of its HP left4. get the other one that you made5. put the one gotten half of it’s HP and put it on the one with full HP6. Now they will both be full HPHow to get a great mine supply1. get 4 iron pickaxes2. get a full built base it will be best in the mountain3. take armor , food , torches and a workbench with you4. start digging down , like stairs5. when you get dark build a torch on the wall , some times , get back up to replenish supplies 6. Then go back and turn left/right or north again7. You will get great materials and suppliesHow to get a pet dog or wolf in minecraft1. Go to Easy,Medium or Hard and fight a skeleton. 2. Once you have fought a skeleton, it will drop a bone or 2, and even a few arrows. Take the bones. herve leger sale . But you will need 4 or 6 of it to make it work3. The next morning, go on a search for a dog/wolf. When you have found one, right click on it & you can feed it the bones.How to Keep a Wolf1. Get about 64 fences2. Make a simple pen or cage3. Keep a opening4. Find a wolf NEAR your cage or pen5. Push it in and close it6. Go in and dig a one block down and put water in it7. Give it a bone by right clicking a wolf with a bone you get it from skeletonGet Easter Egg1. Get 1 sapling and 5+ bonemeal sometimes it takes less or more and 4 blocks of any type2. Plant a sapling.3. on both sides of the sapling place two blocks high of whatever block you chose bonemeal the sapling until growth.4. makes a supertree which yields triple the wood.How to finish minecraft and get ender dragon eggs1.Find a stronghold. repair an end portal with eye of the enders, and enter.2.Find an ender dragon. Destroy its defences, then it. It will spawn a portal back to earth. Enter the portal.3.The credits will roll.4. Defeat dragon, on top of portal will be an egg and click it right.5. It will appear around the portal. make a piston facing the egg, then activate the piston. 6. Make sure you have free item space7. You now have egg then place it along with others itemHow to build safe house with a lot of blocksIf You Are Near A Ocean Or Have A Bucket Full Of Water, You Can Be Safe Of All Enemies.1. Dig A Moat Around Your House 5 block down and 3 blocks wide.2. Fill The Moat With Water.3. Wait Until Enemies Fall In.4. Enjoy Watching Them Die Drowning or BurningHow to create Drawbridge in minecraft1. get wood blocks and set them along a line of water.2. attach trapdoors to the wood blocks (over the water) and place red stone on the wood blocks. 3. Make the red stone go onto the ground and at the end attach a lever, pull it Ho to create lava blade or mob trap so you can across the hallway1. Get a 2×2 hallway, 6 ladders/signs, and a bucket of lava2. In the hallway, dig one small hole, 1×1, in the wall. put a ladder under it, and to the the left and right. Then put three ladders across the hallway from the first three. 3. Poor the bucket of water in the small 1×1 hole you dug and it should glide across the hallway, not going any other direction but forward.Hint of Lava SymbolLava=L Ladder=Bwall=w wwwwwwwwwBLBWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwBwwwwwwww Other side wwwwwwwwwwbwbwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwbwwwwwwwwwThat is all about cheat code of playing minecraft. Hopefully it may help you play this awful game

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