Logo Quiz Cars Cheats Answers Level 1 on Android iPhone

This is the walkthrough cheat of logo quiz level 1. So read and focus on image carefully to reveal each image reresenting car logo1. Four white connected circles is car logo for AUDI2. Letter V above letter W in circle white blue background is car logo for VOLKSWAGEN3. linkwheel . KITCHEN CUPBOARDS . White oval with blue background is car logo for FORD4. Two arrow pointing above is car logo for CITROEN5. Mountain Creek Ranches Forum . Symmetrical gold background is csr logo for CHEVROLET6. White circle with windmill inside is car logo for MERCEDES7. Green arrow with wings inside circle is car logo for SKODA8. Red S letter is car logo for SUZUKI9. Cheerful horse inside yellow shield with letter S and F is car logo for FERRARI10. Silver glasses mask is car logo for DAEWOO11. Red silhouette byson head inside shield is car logo for DODGE12. Three forks positioned one pointing above and two of them pointing left and right and they are inside circle with light blue background is car logo for YAMAHA13. Red oval with letter A inside is car logo for KIA14. Silver circle with arrow above it and blue stripe accross is car logo for VOLVO15. Cube in the middle with horn on the left and right is car logo for CHRYSLER

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