Get More Crystal Gold Coins in Empire Defense 2 Cheats for Android

Walkthrough of Playing Empire Defense 2 on Android
1. Always play the Story or Arena to get more experience and Crystals
2. Find Crystal to hire new General, Soldiers and buy items
3. Play with other players to unlock the Quest arena
4. Earn Golds by doing the quest or winning the Arena
5. Always get General equipped with armors and weapons
6. Use or consume necklace and potion items at one time
7. Familiarize with the terrain and set your defense with advantage
8. Get range attacker as the best unit to put in tower to get advantage with the range
9. Play this game everyday to get Free Crystal in the Arena
10. Finish the Mission to get more Golds
11. You need Horse to get more moves
12. Get hurry to collect the Free Crystals per 6 hours or your enemy will steal them
13. Make and place good formation of The Monk, Crossbow and Archer to surprise the enemy
14. Anticipate your Enemy
15. Use Spearman and Archer combination
16. Use Spearman across the path
17. Put your Hero at the Middle to attack its Range

Empire Defense 2

Hero Class Range in Empire Defense 2 on Android
1. Liubei is the weakest Hero good for startup. Remember to use him till level 10
2. Guaniui is a better than liubei but skip him and save your money for other hero
3. Zhangfu is good health and damage attack but slow. Better to get this after Liubei
4. Zhaogun – skip this
5. Zheyaliang is good leardership and skill but low attack damage. Better skip this.
6. CaoCao is to balance stats and great skill. Get this after Zhanfu
7. Xianwuluin is the same with caocao but a bit expensive

Soldiers Class in Empire Defense 2 on Android
Your leadership, weapons and items will enhance your soldier. So check out your items attributes on which specific Soldier it Boost
Get higher your Leadership to get more effective of your Soldiers
Melee attacker like Spearmen and Hammer Soldier can be boost though loading them into Tower or equip an item to enhance range attacker
1. Spearmen is Good for close attack with the greatest critical attack for ground
2. Archer is good range for air and ground. Can burn enemy overtime. It will be effective for mini Boss or any thick units
3. Witch is Low attack damage. It can cast ice to slowdown enemy. Team her up with Monk and Priest to delay crowd of Enemy
4. Crossbow is to attack air and ground with high damage to Air enemy. It is good range to kill more air enemy.
5. Taoist Priest is Medium damage for air and ground. It can attack multiple enemy. Good for gang enemy but weak against single unit like mini Boss
6. DrumSoldier Can not attack but can increase attack rate and damage. It is not so effective specially as it is costly.
7. Axemen is Low attack with medium speed against. It can Stun enemy for a while but it is so usually useless. Don not BUY it.
8. Monk is Great attack damage and range. Can attack in one line good vertical and horizontal. Place them in one path, will be great if equipped Monk Boost items
9. Hammer Solider is a great attack speed but low damage. It can stack damage to enemy but only for Ground. Don not BUY it.
10. Catapult is long range attack with high damage to the ground but too slow to attack. Effective with Mini Boss.
11. Gold Miner can harvest gold but can not attack. Good for MAP that’s hard to get some Golds, don not use it in ARENA because it is expensive to set up.

How to Find Soldier and Win in the Arena in Empire Defense 2 on Android
1. Get your Best General and equip it with your best Item.
2. Hire soldiers with Air And Ground attacks
3. Find a player with Low Honor and ranking
4. Find a player with more crystals but in lower rank
5. Learn with the terrain and take advantage with your Soldiers
6. Always win than get nothing in order to get an opponent with less crystal but Low Honor

How To Set Strategy Arena’s Map for Defense in Empire Defense 2
1. Always put a Range Attacker in order to have attacker against the Air enemy
2. Put a Range Attacker on the Tower to get advantage with the Range
3. Stopper like the Witch and Axeman is good for stopping the enemy for a while
4. Don not put a Gold Miner or a Drummer because it is expensive to set up
5. Put an Archer to fight the Mini Boss
6. Try to change your strategy if the Monk is less effective
7. Try replace Crossbow and Archer as it has its own advantage

How to Get Unlimited Crystals Coins in Empire Defense 2 on Android
1. Buy in the shop in exchange with real money
2. Install affiliate App for Free Crystals
3. Complete the Quest in the Arena
4. Play daily in get the Free Crystals per 6 hours
5. Battle and win any players in the Arena
6. Play the Story quest and finish the game

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