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Review of The Simpson Tapped Out on iPhone
The Simpsons Tapped Out is produced by EA company presented for IOS devices including iphone ipad and ipod touch users. In this game users can play the full in the long run, or keep enjoying pony up some dough rolls chubby guy in the short term.

Alongside it will help the players to clean up Springfield, after Homer made a nuclear explosion destroyed the city and scatters the population around the town. Now each user has to rebuild the city as it was. Lisa will be the the leader to help Homer clean up the city, with the rest of the Simpsons behind her.

In this game Donuts are the main currency which is hard to obtain. A donut hack is release for Jailbreak vip user using xsellize. Even if you miss a day you can still use a donuts to get the reward.
So follow this tips and hint carefully to get free donuts

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Walkthrough of The Simpson Tapped Out at Level 20 for ios iPhone iPad and iPod Touch
1. Tap the statue of the great founder of Springfield, Jebediah Springfield
2. Get 10 donuts + The statue of Jebidiah Springfield
3. Tap homer so the options-box appears
4. Start tapping Homer without closing the options-box
5. Move objects by clicking on the yellow move icon and clicking the base of the object you want to move.
6. Click the Store button to remove the object and put it on the storage.
7. Always watch out of any characters in exclamation (!) marks above their heads. You will often be given a task to perform if you tap them.
8. Add friends in Tapped Out from Facebook Connect, Gmail, or EA Origin
9. Speed up crop growing with donuts
10. Search and find the Burning Bush premium item in an area of land near the mountains.
11. Get the premium item for free with buying the land and put it somewhere.
12. Get missing money task resolved by capturing Sideshow Bob or cleaning up graffiti.
13. Get the Jebbediah Springfield statue by putting Homer in the Pool and keep tapping him
14. Find near the mountain area and see a piece of land that has this item. Buy that land and place it anywhere. You can buy it for 20 doughnuts or have it for free.

How to get the 10 free secret donuts as a bonus
1. Make sure Homer Simpson is not doing any thing at the moment.
2. Just keep tapping on Homer’s Head
3. If you hear Homer telling you to stop poking on him or laugh all you have to do is keep tapping on Homer while he is walking. And because doing so you will get 10 free secret bonus donuts as a premium currency for your Springfield City and statue of jebediah Springfield.
4. Statue of jebediah Springfield is decoration for your Springfield town.
5. Buy a piece of land near the mountain area that has the premium item and place it anywhere. You can buy it for 20 doughnuts or have it for free.
6. Your fifth day reward is normally a 10 donuts prize while leveling up you get donuts
7. Get 10 free Donuts by clicking on Homer repeatedly when he is using his MyPad.
8. Ignore the box that pops up and keep tapping to get free donuts everyday.
9. Get a Jebediah Springfield statue by keep tapping homer in order to have 10 Donuts and some money daily

How to get infinity money and XP
1. Took the plunge from the mystery box awarded the Springfield Lemon Tree
2. The Springfield Lemon Tree gives you the ‘Sweet Sweet Lemonade’ activity which earns you money and XP every six hours.
3. Always interact with three buildings per day in every version of Springfield that you visit. It will allow you to collect rewards of XP and Cash just by tapping on a building, and to vandalize your freinds’ properties
4. Planting crops in Tapped Out will earn extra Cash and XP
5. Planting Triffids is a great source of generating XP
6. Always try to click on the thing on top of the building to make the money come out of it and keep doing so to the rest of the buildings to get the money and XP automatically deposited.
7. Plant triffids to get more XP around 150 XP and eventually you have to do a quest to plant a receive them twice.

How to install the simpson tapped out on ios iphone ipad and ipod touch
1. Delete Tapped Out from ur iDevice
2. Go cydia and install “ldone” and “MobileTerminal”
3. Download the hacked game and install it with iFunbox not iTunes, DO NOT open the game after install until finish the Tutorial or will not work.
4. Go to SBsettings app then select “App Folders” and find “Tapped Out”
5. Go to iFile | Press home icon then press Applications and Find the Folder, copy the name.
6. Go to MobileTerminal and add the commands as Short cuts to make it easier.
7. After finished close MobileTerminal and open the game then buy a tree or anything you want. Now you will be level 20 and getting thousands of donuts

How to win dog racing to earn more xp
1. Look for as many characters as possible to do the interaction ‘Shop at the Kwik-E-Mart’.
2. Disconnect the game and restart it again
3. Buy Brown Houses around five then do the bet and you will wait five minutes if you lose the race.
4. Earn more Cash to Mystery Prizes including Donuts when you return on consecutive days.

The version of the sims freeplay walkthrough is also given to you in order to get clues of finishing the sims mission successfully

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