Get Diamonds and Coins in Hay Day Cheats on iPhone and Android

The walkthrough of how to get unlmited money xp coins in hay day game
1. Buying and hunting through your newspaper, and other people’s newspapers, for construction equipment and saws, dynamite, and other goods selling in buld I.E. 5 for 400 or something.
2. Turn around and sell them individually for between 180 and 220 coins a piece
3. Put an advertisement on the last one of your list so people will see all of them when they go to the store.

Hay Day Cheats

How to get lots of extra items and others items in hay day
1. Go to a friends farm and click on the toolbox.
2. Eventhough it is locked just keep clicking it and reload the friends farm and click on it again.
3. Keep doing so over and over again.
4. When you reach your max you will continue to get the same item you last received.

How to plant the seeds of the crops in hay day
1. Tap the icon contributing to the seed such as the wheat or soybeans
2. Drag the picture over the farm plots as it contains a seed inside.
3. When the crops are fully grown, tap one of them and wait for an icon appearing like a scythe.
4. Tap that icon to drag it over the fully grown farm plots, which will harvest the plants.
5. Tap a crop that is not fully grown to show you how long you have left to wait until a crop is ready to harvest.
6. Now the crops will never expire after they are fully grown.

How to level up experience levels in hay day game on ipod
1. Gain experience points by collecting experience points whether you are farming or collecting eggs from the chicken coop, or collecting bread from the bakery.
2. The big bar in the top center of the main farming screen shows what your experience level is and how many more do you need.
3. You can also gain experience points by completing achievements and delivering goods via the truck.

4. In order to get experience points by delivering goods via the truck just do the following actions
a. Go to the billboard in the center area of the farm.
b. Tap the billboard then check out the requests to buy goods.
c. Fill the consumer request if you have the goods that they want to purchase.
d. The truck will go out with all of the goods, and will get back with a number of experience points and coins as a prize.

5. Now check out your achievements
a. go to your house that is the white southern-style building at the right next to the billboard
b. tap on your house to pop up a menu to tell you what you need to do to earn each achievement, and what the reward will be each time.
c. Completing the achievement will give a reward for it including diamonds and experience points.
d. You will know it when three colored ribbons appear over the screen.

The Glitches Hints Tips of How to Play and Finish Hay Day on iPad
1. Remember smelters makes silver in 8 hours, gold in 12 or so. So it takes very long to make something and you usually need few of them to complete the order
2. The ingredients to make carrot cake are 2 carrots 1 butter 1 brown sugar
3. Coins are the main currency in this game to be used to buy most of the goods in the game.
Diamonds is the premium currency in this game to be used not only to speed up construction on buildings, but to buy premium decorations that you could not get with coins.

4. Your silo and your barn are your two storage facilities.
a. Your silo stores crops and your barn stores everything else.
b. Click on either of them to see what is stored, or to upgrade them, They start off holding 50 items, and each upgrade allows them to hold 25 more.

5. The upgrades are done using six different types of construction equipment namely nails, screws, a box of tacks, duct tape, planks, and bolts.
a. Find them when you are in farm
b. buy them in someones roadside stand if they are for sale
c. buy them with regular diamonds.
d. Find them in the red box that pops up randomly on your map. It contains either a bonus load of diamonds, of coins, or of some sort of construction equipment or junk clearing equipment including saws, axes, dynamite, TNT and shovels. And those equipments are important for you to clear orderly big trees, small trees, rocks, clustered rocks and swamps, in order to make more room to put your buildings, farm stuff and decorations.

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  1. Uhmmm I recently started playing hay day and I’m on level 13 but somehow I can’t seem to ever find the tools in the selic I can only very rarely find them in th red boxes that pop up what is anotherwaay of getting those besides your mailbox or rodsidesh or red boxes.

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