Get Credits and Bomb in Traffic Panic London All Levels Cheats for Android

Walkthrough and tricks of Traffic Panic London Version 1.1.3
1. Tap to change the lights and get points for safely crossing the traffic.
2. Always prepare for more points and an explosive cinematic visual feast
3. Explode Nelsons Column and collapse the London Wheel
4. Get Battersea blasted and any other unique cinematic moments.
5. Control the traffic lights across London in the Classic, Historic and Tourist stages.
6. Get interactive new vehicles, such as the Hippie Van, Car Transporter and Pizza Delivery Guy
7. Control the traffic or cause total panic in London city

Traffic Panic London

How to get unlimited credit points and bombs in new version of traffic panic london
1. Backup your game with titanium backup
2. Install Solid Explorer to access the root directories of your android device.
3. Download this .xml file.
4. Copy this .xml file to your phone.
5. Open up Solid Explorer and remember Traffic Panic is closed but if it is still open force close it with titanium backup then copy this .xml file.
6. Go to the ROOT directory then go to data/data/com.neonplay.trafficpanic4/shared_prefs.
7. Delete the file named as “com.neonplay.trafficpanic4.xml” then paste the file that you have downloaded here.

Notes: If your game is in FORCE CLOSES after doing so just go to the directory where you pasted the .xml file and Long-press on this pasted file then change the permissions to be allowed for all. Thus the game can read and write to this pasted .xml file.

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