Gems Potions Cheats in Montower Legend of Summoners on iPhone

Walkthrough of how to get gems in montower legend of summoners game iphone 5
a. In order to collect gems you have to spend your energy, but you can get those gems in any order you want.

b. After leveling up to the next one your energy will be double recharging so fast so you can collect gems twice faster as well.

Montower Legend of Summoners

If above descriptions did not give any gems you can try simple tricks by following these steps
a. Go to time setting on your phone device
b. Just set the time on your phone next to half an hour or more
c. Now your energy will be fully recharged again
d. Go to time setting again then set it ahead
e. Go back to the game to see it recharge
f. Go back to the time settings then set the time back to normal
g. Go back to the game and notice that the energy will still be there
h. You can gem unlimited gems by doing that actions

How to get free potions in montower legend of summoners game android
a. Try to defeat a tower boss for the first time in order to get 2 or 3 bonus potions.
b. Also note that when playing any battle either old or new battle, you will also have a chance to win a free potion.

c. In order to get free potions you can do the following actions
Just summon a monster with a weak monster that summons quickly without using too many gems
Now upgrade that monster to Elder or Master type that will be at level 2 and level 3, respectively.
After doing so try to unsummon the monster to get a reward for unsummoning it.
Wait for half the time to get a free potion as a reward.
If you want to get unlimited more potions just do the action above as much as you want

d. If you want to reach experience levels fast just go back then play to beat the toughest old enemy in one turn.
Always play them many times to get a ton of levels.
If you have got more experience from monsters you have never beaten before you can also race up the towers without worrying about levels.
Remember that you get about half the experience from old monsters that you would from the other new ones.
Now try to get a powerful monster coins then go back to play old tougher monsters with your strong coins in order to get experience points quickly.
Just try to complete the quests as fast as you can to pile them on during playing with them.

Try to get the most rare monsters and upgrade them to get the toughest ones in the game so you will have more damage to beat your opponent in the battle of this game

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