Free Rare Daemons Cheats in Ayakashi Ghost Guild on iPhone Android

Walkthrough of how to get free rare ghosts in ayakashi ghost guild game iphone 4s
There will be many different rarities of ghosts including the common one star ghosts with two, three, four and five star rarities and also the rarer and more powerful ghosts that will be harder to find and to catch.
a. Try to beat the ghost in the battle then negotiate with it in order to recruit the ghost as one of your Daemons.
b. Try to join your party after a negotiation in order to negotiate with a rare ghost, so if you have cabal chains left just try to use them.

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c. Try to turn a ghost from common to rare in transmigration.
Every transmigration increases one star to the rarity level of a ghost, and each ghost that can be transmigrated has three forms.
For example, a two star ghost in base form can be transmigrated to be a three star ghost in its enhanced form, and a four star ghost can be transmigrated to be its ultimate form.

d. Always pay attention in all kinds of limited time events going on at almost all times in a Zynga game.
So just participate in these events as If you have higher rank, you will get many chances of earning rare ghosts as a reward and this is the best ways to get limited edition ghosts as Daemons.

e. Just complete any set of six sealstones to unlock the ghost inside and make them as your daemon
Remember if you have enough silver apples, try to trade them for rare ghosts in the Barter tab in the Menu. Afterward you will have special summon tickets to execute special summons that will lead you to get rare ghosts.

How to transmigrate ghosts in ayakashi ghost guild game android
Transmigration of ghosts will increase a ghost’s rarity, and also increases the ghost’s attack and defense.
a. If you want to transmigrate ghosts pay attention to a small box of text ‘transmigrates’.
When fusing cards just pick the ghost that can be transmigrated as your base card then begin to do fusion in order to increase the base card’s level.
Remember only do fusion with one card at one time as doing multi card fusions will decrease the chance that the ghost will transmigrate in any particular fusion.

b. After fusion process is completed the base ghost will become ready to transmigrate.
Transmigration usually takes 1 fusion or 100 fusions before the ghost is ready to transmigrate. Besides it also does not matter what ghost you are using as a mixer card
That means a regular old Pillow Phantom has just as much of a shot at causing the base card to transmigrate as a super enhanced Magatama.

c. Each ghost that can be transmigrated will be through transmigration process up to two separate times to become different level of forms.
The first form is its base form
The second form is the enhanced form
The third form is the ultimate form
Remember as every enhancement will set the ghost back to level 1
If you want to transmigrate a high level ghost it will get a decrease in defense and attack but it can be remedied by more fusions.

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d. When transmigrating the daemon, its rarity will increase by one star.
For such reason if increasing a ghost with a three star rarity in its base form to be a four star rarity in its enhanced form and it is transmigrated again so that it will increase to a five star rarity in its ultimate form.
In addition the ghost will have new graphics when you transmigrate it to be different form.

If you need card fusion to transmigrate the ghost just read the strategy to get leader card fusion in ayakashi ghost guild game android

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  1. Start out with support, type in Kaizen to get money, 1 Rare card summon,big initial and daily stat points.

    Also add me to add me to your crew list and you will get my strongest monster to help you in battle with other player to get 4 star relics.

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  3. My Barbetta (a 1 star Anima) transmigrated only once; she’s now 2 star but it now says “ultimate form”. It would seem not all transmigrators do so twice?

  4. in this game a special/rare daemons to keep you company is important, so you can battle and do the story through easily..
    if you get 100% on the toritorial uou’ll automaticly get a “special summon ticket”..this ticket will give you one random rare daemons..

    you can get 1 more special summon ticket if you use an invitation id in the start of the game (below the box of the desire nickname) you can use my invitation id:


    and you can ask me fo a crewmates (give you 5+ abillity points..) if i still have the rooms sure i’ll take you on..:)

  5. One of the first few transmigrate daemons that you will encounter as a new players are lilith, Barbetta, Goddess of poverty and misfortune.

    And Lady Suzuka, a sealstone daemon, 3 star which have the ability to transmigrate into a 4 star daemon with skill : miracle cure | effect : increase all daemon attack which is really awesome. Almost a must get for everyone.

  6. Please use my invitation code: 9174578787. Let’s help each other :). Just ask me in game for tips and guides.

  7. Be patient and consistent in the game. Come back several times a day and use your points. You will get your team raised to be a challenge. Plan out which Deamons you should rank up and focus on them. Use the Invite ID of “advantage” and you will get special gifts for the first 7 days of play. Some are special summoning tickets that will get your team up to speed fast.

  8. Enter my ID at th beginning of the game for nice rewards: sconelover
    Also, my player name is amber, if you want to add me as your crewmate ! I’ll accept it gladly if I have any place left :).

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