Free Gold And Elixir Cheats in Clash of Clans on Android and iPhone

How to get premium currency like gold, elixir and green gems in clash of clans game ipad
1. Complete quests and missions, and a variety of other outlets to get gold coins.
2. Get gold money from abundance in resource gatherers
3. Steal elixir substance from the numerous goblin settlements that you raze to the ground.
4. Get premium currency of green gems through in-app purchases and special in-game promotions, and trade them in for coins and Elixir.

Cheats in Clash of Clans

Walkthrough of how to play and accomplish mission in clash of clans on ipod
1. Build building with three different categories
a. resources includes contraptions that mine and store valuable resources like Gold Coins and Elixir and It will store your commodities that are extremely important as they increase the maximum amount of currency that you can hold at any one time.
b. army is made up of a Barracks and other military-themed outposts
c. defences contains everything you need to defend your village from attacks.
2. Upgrade your Gold storage and Elixir storage buildings to at least level two fairly early on in your adventure.
3. Upgrade your Town Hall to level four to unlock the game’s Air Defense and Spring Trap items for your village.
4. Upgrade your Barracks to unlock a new troop every time. So you will get larger, and more powerful troops in order to upgrade or purchase additional Army Camps.
5. Do not attempt to enter more than the first few battles if you have not upgraded your Barracks and unlocked additional unit types.
6. Do not recruit and train any units for a battle until you have scoped out your upcoming battlefield.
7. Make sure to look for weak points in their defences when performing reconnaissance on your opponents.
8. Do not send every single troop you have at your disposal into battle as it will spend more Elixir to repopulate your army.
9. Place your troops as close to the structure you want razing first as possible and your warriors will generally target it first.
10. Make sure to place walls around your most valuable buildings.
11. Use cannons attack ground units and use Archer Towers to combat air units.

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