Free Elixirs and Fanta Points Cheats in Fantasica on iPhone Android

Walkthrough of how to get ally points free elixirs and potions in fantasica game ipad
a. Get ally points by going to the Allies tab in the main menu, in the bottom taskbar then tap the Search for Allies or Search MobaFriends buttons to look for more allies in order to get allies for first time.
b. Earn Ally Points whenever someone summons your leader card during one of the Ally quest rounds, or during a boss battle.
c. Make sure to strengthen your leader card by constantly enhancing and upgrading them to get ally points maximized.
d. Get free Time Elixirs and Potions by logging in a number of times so they will pop up as the login bonus on days that you do not get extra Brave Points instead.
e. Complete a round of Questing then beat the boss for the first time to get free elixirs and extra rewards.
f. Try to trade with other players in order to give their Time Elixirs and Potions.

Fantasica on iPhone

Walkthrough of how to play fantasica game on ipad ipod
a. Sell your cards that you do not need if you get strapped for luna.
b. You cannot use monster cards in battle. However, monster cards will defend you against other players who may attack you.
c. Only enhance and use monster cards as catalyst cards.
d. In addition there are challenge quests as well as regular quests in which they are not required to complete an episode, but they will provide you with an additional challenge including only using one unit for the battle, only using allies, or fighting an incredibly difficult fight.
Find these quests at highlighted in red, and are only unlocked after finishing the other quests in an episode.
e. In Quests, you play a game much like a tower defense game, where monsters come down a path, and you deploy anywhere between 1 and 7 based upon the round of your units to fight the monsters.
You have three kinds of card units in this game namely melee units in a sword icon, missile units in a bow and arrow icon and magic units in a staff icon.

Walkthrough of how to get free artifacts in fantasica game on iphone 4s
a. Get rare cards by trading in a set of artifacts.
b. Get Artifacts when you kill a boss character at the end of a quest round.
c. Just steal artifacts from other players if you beat them in the battle round.
d. Get a matching set of three different Rings of Ages artifacts then trade them for a rare card as a reward.

You can also get free rare cards to be evolved with the others card to become the powerful card in fantasica game

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