Free Coins and Parts in Car Town Street on iPhone and Android

Walkthrough of getting more gold coins cash and parts in car town street game ios iphone 5
a. How to get more free bonus coins in car town street game
Try to build multiple types of businesses to get all of your cars sticked to their dream jobs.
As your pace of earning cars speeds up, keep building more and more businesses for every car in order to get your cars employed and keep coming back and collecting coins. So collect more coins to get the more gas stations, gas station upgrades, and other service buildings.
By doing so your cars will be happier in their dream jobs so that they will earn you more coins and experience points more quickly.

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b. How to get more coins and more parts for free in car town street game
Click on the cinema in your city to watch a video.
Just watch videos as much as possible so that you can either earn free coins or free parts
Try tapping on the lower left button, and tapping on the “friends” menu.
At the friends menu, tap on the “free gold” or “free cash” button.
Every day you want to play this game just send a tweet, text or email from there in which it will allow you to earn free gold and free cash.
Just sign into Facebook Connect using the game daily in order to get 10 free cash as a quest reward.
After getting your free cash just go to the checklist icon to claim the rewards.
After doing all those procedures every other quest that involves Facebook including inviting friends, sending gifts, or visiting a friend’s town, will give you free cash as quest bonus rewards.

c. In order to get more offense and defense gas is to simply wait the gas for being regenerated.
Gas regenerates at a rate of one unit per minute till getting the maximum amount of gas.
And try to gain an experience level to get your gas regenerated in full automatically.
When going on a car to find expedition via Rusty’s Rescue, you will pick up both offensive and defensive gas at one time.
Just increase your maximum gas one of a few ways to gain an experience level.
To increase maximum gas you have to complete a whole set of trophies.
Just build or upgrade a fuel station to earn a gas bonus.

Get also free rare cars and trophies in car town street game for ios iphone generation

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