Free Bloodcoins and Rare Cards in Blood Brothers Cheats on Android iPhone

How to get free copper coins and pact walkthrough in blood brothers on ipad
a. Find copper coins in treasure chests that you come across adventure mode, as well as get them as a reward for finishing a zone.
b. Use the map to find the road route to lead you into a treasure chest to earn you the most treasure chests.
c. Always play this game everyday to get a free copper pact as a daily bonus.
d. Try to use multiple copper coins at the same time when you are in the “forge pact” screen.
e. Forge multiple bronze pacts at the same time to get a higher chance of getting uncommon, rare, and evolved familiars from the pacts.

Blood Brothers

How to get rare silver coins in blood brothers game android
a. Get silver coins in treasure chests when you are in adventure mode, as well as earning them as a bonus for finishing a level.
b. Use silver coins to buy the silver pact, which has a higher chance of uncommon and rare cards.
c. Use copper or silver coins to make pacts.
d. If you have mobacoins you can also purchase scarlet and/or blessed pacts.

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How to get bloodcoins in blood brothers game ipod touch
a. BloodCoins are the premium currency used to buy more items in the game and to buy premium pacts as well in which it allows you to get rare and epic cards more easily.
b. Get bloodcoins in the Mobage store.
c. Go to either the store menu or the Forge Pact menu to buy something that costs BloodCoins.

How to make pacts and evolve familiar in blood brothers game iphone
a. Create pacts to capture familiar by using various coins that you find in treasure chests or as rewards for completing zones.
b. Select the Forge Pact button from the main menu to lead you to the pact menu.
c.Tap on the pact you want to make. Remember as you can make up to ten pacts at one time as long as you have enough coins.
d. After making a pact you will be rewarded with a random familiar.
e. Familiars have several rankings that are C UC R E.
C is for common familiars and is the lowest rarity level.
UC is for uncommon familiars
R is for rare familiars
E is for epic familiars.
f. After having collected some familiars you can access the blood brothers menu by tapping the Blood Brothers button on the main menu.
g. Combine two of the same familiar in order to evolve it then select one familiar to be the spawn and one to be the seed. Remember as a spawn will inherit 5% of the seeds stats. Alongside the more stats will be inherited if the level of the seed gets higher. The maximum level of transfer is 10%.
h. A familiar can only be evolved a certain number of times. It will be based upon the more stars that a familiar have so the more times it can be evolved.
i. Try to evolve a familiar two times to increase its rarity and change its skills.
j. Make sure to empower familiars using crystals to increase a familiars core stats.
h. Just log in daily to receive a reward everyday.

How to find and turn common card to uncommon card in blood brothers game android
a. Use the evolution mode to turn almost any common card into an uncommon card.
b. Take any common card that has 4 possible stars that is 4 possible levels of evolution then evolve it twice. c. The first evolution turns it into a 2-star card, which is still a common card, but the second one turns it into an uncommon card.
d. There will be a fairly good chance of getting an uncommon card, while silver pacts have a much better chance of giving you uncommon cards. It will happen if you forge pacts using the copper pact
e. Special event pacts including the current event which gives you Grave of Heroes coins is also great way to earn you uncommon cards.
f. Use a bloodmeal or a heartsblood to capture and bind them if you face uncommon monsters in event adventures, and even in normal adventures.

How to get rare cards in blood brothers on iphone
a. Take an uncommon card that has 4 possible stars, but only 1 or 2 actual stars, and evolve it
b. Click the 3-star rank to become a rare card.
c. Silver pacts will give you a rare card
d. Scarlet pacts will always give you at least a rare card.
e. Event pacts will give you rare familiars.
f. The blessed pact will also give you a rare familiar, but it can be used only once.
g. Epic cards can be earned in special limited time events.
h. A scarlet pact or blessed pact have an excellent shot at earning you epic cards. Remember if you have a rare card with 1 or 2 out of 4 stars, evolve it until it hits 3 stars tobe an epic card.

How to get more energy refill in blood brothers game ipad
a. Crystals are the world’s energy in this game so use wisely
b. Get more bloodmeals while picking them up along the way.
c. Save your bloodmeals and use them wisely.
d. Save your bloodmeals until you have more than one enemy to captive after a battle
e. Save your bloodmeals until you manage to capture an uncommon or rare enemy or even better both

How to defeat bosses in blood brothers game android
a. Make your entire brigade with epic cards till maximum level and maximum evolution.
b. If you face 2 impossible bosses and 1 beatable boss in the events, you will still earn large rewards from the 1 boss that you did beat.
c. Use the “blood brothers” screen to strengthen your characters to be the masters.
d. The “blood brothers” screen is the whole reason that you should carry a full deck around as often as possible, so that you can massively enhance your cards to help you out against everything from bosses to PvP mode.

How to find gold coins in blood brothers game iphone 4s
a. Find gold coins in coin purses scattered around the game board.
b. Use gold to bond and evolve familiars.
c. The cost of the gold is dependent on level and the number of familiars being used.
d. Any items or gold coins you earn from logging in will be stored in your wagon
e. Just claim any of your items and gold coins after logging to get them in your inventory.

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