Escape The Room in Garou Cheats for iPhone

This is a walkthrough of Garou coming with the solutions and answers to exit the room successfully and this will be turned into a series.
This will guide you of how to beat Garou and get out of each of the new room in this Garou walkthrough for the iPhone and the flash game application

garou game

1. a. Go to the area with painting
b. Tap the wall in butterfly paintings.
c. Tap the drawer under the brown butterfly to get the piece of the fish drawings paper from inside.

2. a. Go to the wall where the bookshelves are drawn
b. Use the arrows to the left and right to open the bookshelves, using the fish drawings as a code Remember to press: left, right, left, left, right, left.
c. Tap the door itself to open it. d. Get the book on the lowest shelf then open it to take a lollipop item from inside the book.

3. a. Go back to the room with the paintings
b. Tap the one to the right using three goldfish.
c. Use the strange item on the left side of the painting to turn into a handle.
d. Open the painting to get the key.

4. a. Look at the way the chairs are placed in front of the paintings code for the next puzzle.
b. Go to the room where there is a strange looking clothes hanger and on the wall to the left to open the door: on the first row then turn all the squares black.
c. On the second row, turn only the top square black and turn all squares black on the right row.
d. Get the hammer.

5. Use the key to open the brown door near the colored painting of a circle which also is a hint for the code.

6. a. Enter the door that you have opened with using the clothes hanger as a guidance
b. Use the hammer on the bolts on the right to turn them into a triangle so top one is hammered at the maximum
the one below is one step higher
the one below is one step higher
the one below is one step lower
the final one one step lower.

7. a. Get to the area where the golden helmet thing is.
b. Using the painting of the circle press the buttons in the following sequence: yellow, red, yellow, blue, yellow, red, yellow, blue.
c. Take the item.

8. a. Return to the lobby and to the area where a painting with jellyfish is.
b. Tap the right armchair to zoom in
c. Tap the sitting pillow to remove it.
d. Get the wrench.

9. a. Go to the area with the two faces to place the golden helmet on the golden face.
b. Use the wrench to unscrew it to make the two faces face each other by tapping on them.
c. Take the skittle.
d. Zoom in on the skittle and remove its head to get a key

10. a. Go to the door between the two light then open it with the key.
b. Click the puzzle to the left.
c. You have 8 jellyfish, 7 fish and 3 butterflies
d. Tap the numbers accordingly to the signs.
e. Get the big bolt.

11. a. Make the same pattern as of the paintings with barsso the top left button
the bars are higher on the left lower on the right.
b. The top right button, bars are vertical.
c. The middle left button, bars are horizontal.
d. The middle button has the bars lower on the left and higher on the right
e. The middle right button has the bars lower on the left and higher on the right.
f. Reveal the hole

12. a. Use the big bolt in the inventory with the wrench to use it as a handle.
b. Open it then the door above the stairs will be open.

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