Dragon Realms for Diamonds Coins Cheats on Android iPhone

Walkthrough of playing dragon realms gree game on ios and android device
a. Join guilds to collect currencies such as gems and gold cash
In this game, guilds are the main points of the game because players expect to have the option to join a guild for gathering rewards.
Furthermore, except guilds, you will be brought to events and quests to be accomplished for bonus

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On the other side, the guild will function as the inclusion of the list of bonuses that can be purchased to better support the team and its members.

When you have enough gold, you can purchase a bonus ranging from increasing the maximum number of guild members to increasing the effectiveness of certain character skills.
Thus, these power-ups and abilities will help you tackle events that you will meet later on.

b. Gather rewards through events and quests
Events and quests will be included in free-to-play games so that if you are active in guild you may be able to get your hands on rewards.

Meanwhile, playing in the single player will bring you to the same pattern and the quests will bring you to numerous locations to battle a bunch of different enemies.

For further journey, you will explore every location that has a different theme and different enemies.
When you get enough enemies defeated, that location will grow stronger so that it will get you to take more energy to defeat them back.

In line with that lines, you have to go back and replay certain areas in order to collect more gold and earn better characters.

Moreover, playing in player vs. player combat will bring your hero to fit with attack and defense stats. As making progresses through the game, you will collect dozens of characters which can be evolved and fused with others
Therefore, you are be able to create parties of up to nine characters, and take them online to battle others for solely reason, victory.

c. Collect new heroes then send them to guilds party for the crown
This game offers an advanced combat system with many guilds to choose from, consisting of many weapons and ranges such as missile, pole and melee to be used to face off against other player parties in battle

Playing this game for few hours will provide you skills and abilities with tactical maneuvers like slice, parry, thrust, lunge and multiple magical energies elemental, life, lunar, holy, etc.

In addition, this game will allow you to form guilds to divide, conquer, and dominate in which you can also capture and absorb rival heroes for strength

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While going through either events or quests you can discover items of legendary power that you will need to strengthen your squad when partying in your guild that you form

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