CastleVille Legends for Crowns Coins Cheats on iPhone Android

Walkthrough of playing castleville legends game on ios iphone and ipad
a. Earn coins cash from selling items
In the beginning of the game, you will start from Rafael the Woodsman as resource creation stations where you can get axe, the first tool to get item to be sold for money.
And you will be equipped with few coins as starter to begin the game

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With the cost of 6 coins, Rafael will make some axes for you
Collecting those axes will help you chop down trees whereby that activity will produce logs
After gathering enough logs, take them to your Woodshop as they can be turned into items like torches, ladders and lanterns.

As a result, those items can be sold for coins that can be used to buy more buildings so that you can produce and craft new and different resources.

In your journey of gathering coins, you will be taken to “sea trading,” in that you will send your cargo back and forth on boats

And when crafting your own goods for sale, you will jump into the world of sea trading to acquire needed goods rather than wait for creating them on your own

During this activity, other players can offer their items for sale on a global marketplace where the other ones can purchase your goods in exchange for coins as well.

In addition, you can also make money from farming cows for milk and farming stardust
And crafting legendary items like the glove of Midas will need your heroes to have their adventures.

b. Try to go for adventures to gather more resources
Adventures in this game will get you to a normal resource gathering and a slot machine.
At this point, you merely need to drag some heroes onto the adventure site and wait until they are finished to gather resources

And in slots, you will get experience points used to unlock as many heroes as you can in order to keep the adventures going

c. Explore with your heroes to expand your kingdom
In the way of expanding your kingdom into magical new lands, you will explore from Mossback Swamp and Dragons Roost to the Pinnacles of Ice.

In line with that, you will have exploration with your heroes such as A Wizard, a Woodsman, a Daring Damsel and Dragons.

With them, you will be able to explore legendary places while finding rare treasure by visiting ancient ruins, magical springs and other Places of Legend.

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Doing that activity will come to a place with valuable resources to be found and traded with friends for money coins as the currency of this game
For having more coins, you can create valuable goods first then trade with players around the globe.

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