Batman Arkham Origins for WayneTech Coins Cheats on iPhone

Walkthrough of playing batman arkham origins warner bros game on ios and android
a. Earn waynetech cash to unlock more new suits
In the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with the basic Origins suit
After making some progresses, you will get money to unlock more new suits that will increase your Damage, Speed, Block and Damage Reduction stats.

batman arkham origins free suits guides

Furthermore, you will use general currency and WayneTech coins throughout the game that you can earn more those coins through missions later on.
On the other side, using game cash and WayneTech tokens, you will be able to unlock new abilities and new suits with more skills.

Once getting enough money, make sure to do some upgrades for three areas – Skills, Assault Stance and Guarded Stance.
Skills will improve your fighting moves
Assault Stances will give you different attack styles and utilities
Guarded Stance offers different defensive capabilities.

Thus, try making an experiment with your suits to see which ones work for you based on your own strengths and weaknesses during the upgrades process.

b. Complete every mission to gather more cash as reward
You will start your journey across four areas of the city namely Uptown Gotham), The Docks, Downtown Gotham and the Industrial District.

Every zone in this game has its fair share of missions where you will struggle to beat up enemy and even unlock a new assassin to fight against.

In order to defeat the combat mini-games, you must either swipe your finger quickly with a glowing bar, or tap on specific sections of the screen in that you should try to do every action accurately during these sections.

c. Strategy to win every battle in this game
When battling with the enemy, you will perform quick hits by tapping on the screen
Slide your finger in the indicated direction by the pointer in order to perform power strikes
Hold two fingers down on the screen to perform blocks to survive the onslaught whereby it is highly recommended as when an enemy starts glowing orange they will deliver an unstoppable attack.

To increase your point, try to unlock special attacks during the course of playing the game like a super kick that will wipe most enemies out cold
Besides, try to have a health boost – or even a power boost to survive through numerous missions

d. Pay attention to your stamina during the fight section
Your stamina bar contains ten units, but it will dwindle down to around 2-4 when you are having been in a new missions.

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Note that, if your stamina runs out, you will have to wait for an hour or more to get it regenerated successfully so that you can use it wisely to accomplish your mission

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