Answer Logo Quiz Level 4 Complete

Walkthrough of the solution of level 4 in logo quiz game on ios
1. Some mountains with an orange sun behind it (AQUAFINA)
2. a blue ‘e’ with a red ‘/’ next to it (AIR FRANCE)
3. a green rectangle with a red triangle type thing below(TAG HEUER)
4. a black ‘ll’ and ‘tt’ (GILLETTE)
5. a green M but looks slightly like a wiggly line (MOVISTAR)
6. a red circle with a white and black out line (LUCKY STRIKE)
7. an orange circle with a white G thing inside Orange background with while curl (GALP)
8. a boot with a wing on the back or Trainer with wings (GOODYEAR)
9. a red curly shape (RIP CURL)
10. a red arrow head (ATOMIC)
11. a red ‘t’ and an ‘i’ in it in a state (TEXAS INSTRUMNTS)
12. compass points (NATO)
13. A man walking with a cane thing > johnnie walker
14. Blue hexagon with silver shape in middle > piaggio
15. Silver wreath with colourful badge thing in the middle > cadillac
16. Gold/bronze octogon > mg
17. a black T next to a white + > Tissot
18. Orange backgroup with GSK > glaxo smith kline

logo quiz level 4 solutions

19. Wolf in gold circle with est 1769 > gordons
20. Circle with BYR in > bayer
21. Orange cirlce with blue outline and blue bird > lufthansa
22. 2 worlds together with white lines to make then look like a football > fifa
23. Blue and white wierd shape thing > tdk
24. Blue background with SS ans a sun thing over them > ellesse
25. Red banner with MP > camper
26. Ball with white cross 3D style > xerox
27. Yellow outer square wth red inner square and a yellow K looking thing > kodak
28. Blue rounded edge square with a wave inside it > billabong
29. Gold frilly circle > haagen dazs
30. 2 circles linked together > breil
31. Blue IV > iveco
32. 2 red lines gng one way and another crossing throught the other diagonal > exxon (it’s two X’s by the way not lines)
33. 2 black MM’s > hummer
34. Red box with a white bird > Winston
35. The black rectangle with two half circles in it > Dolby
36. the bright green arch with a green line underneath it > Reef
37. a bell that starts with R and ends with R > Ryanair
38. The rectangular thing thats half white and half black > Wifi
39. The company for women that ends with a N > Avon
40. A red outline of a face and hair > Wella
41. a blue circle with a Z in it > Zurich
42. a globe on a blue strip > Discovery Channel

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  1. Need help with Logo quiz, level 5. It is red background with 2 white hearts. It has 2 words, first word begins with K (7letters) second word (6 letters) ends with S.

    Please help. Logo Quiz for blackberry.

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