Airplane for Money Storm Fog Cheats on Android iPhone

Walkthrough of playing airplane quantum design group game on ios and android device
a. Try completing every job and showing off maneuver to make money coins cash
This game will need coins as the in-game currency that can be used to dealt with anything like having new planes such as B2 Spirit, Boeing 737 Passenger, X45 UAV, 747 Passenger, F18 Hornet, Mig 29, Harrier etc
Except having new planes, you can even unlock Military Pack$, Passenger Pack and Storm level as well

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In order to gather those coins, you can complete jobs offering in the game so that you can spend them to buy planes and unlock a new weather condition to fly through, including Storm and Fog.
Moreover, performing maneuver on the sky with the cargo and commuter planes will earn you some coins

b. Use the best plane for the right condition in each mission
The planes in the game are categorized in three classes namely commuter, cargo and military.
Every plane will come to what kind of job you want to do in which you will be allowed to play fighter jets with superior maneuverability as well.

And if you want some more challenges, you can go with the cargo, commuter planes and blimps as they take longer to fly due to their size, and a bit trickier to maneuver than the smaller planes.

c. Complete every job to get some planes for free
This game features freemium system where you can unlock new planes by completing jobs, which take a lengthy amount of time without any sort of fast travel option.
Besides, you can unlock them with coins while considering how long flights take on the sky.

In the beginning of the game, you will get along with two planes like the Cessna 182 charter plane and the Pitts S1 Special bi-plane.

Furthermore, you can get three of them by completing promotional offers.
By simply rating the game, you will get Lear 60 charter jet
Watch a YouTube video to get the B17 Flying Fortress freely
Give your thumb up for a Facebook page to fly with the Air Force One commuter plane

d. Learn takeoffs and landings with every type of airplane
You will have a speed stick to increase or decrease your acceleration, and a directional pad to move your plane while being on the sky.

To get your plane taken off is simple, as you gain speed, pull yourself into the air and maintain a good altitude to fly that plane

When landing every plane, you have to watch out air speed, altitude and direction on three meters while finding your objective marked with a red arrow.
Meanwhile, you get used to adjusting the speed and landing at the right angle.

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This game also features with use Auto-Land that you can use to get your job done easily.
However, using Auto-Land will cost money as you must activate it first before going for the job.

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